Cancun FAQ

What kind of beer is available in Mexico? 

Here is a rundown of the beers of Mexico...

Do I need to have a passport to visit Cancun?

Yes, A passport is required to travel to Mexico. Apply for your passport here.

Do I  need a special form to bring minors (other than my kids) into Mexico?

Yes, you need to fill out and have a form notarized. Here is the form.

Can I bring my pet into Mexico?

Yes, you can. You'll need to make sure your pet has documentation of recent rabbies shots, and be sure to have a Certificate of Good Health from your Vet to make sure you don't have any problems getting back into the US with your pet. See Bringing Your Pet Into Mexico for more details. 

Can foreigners purchase land/real estate in Mexico?

Yes, with some limitations. In the "restricted zone" along the coast or borders, you can purchase land or property through a trust called a Fideicomiso, which is held by a bank in Mexico for up to 50 years and can be renewed and passed on to heirs. Property in the interior may be purchased "fee simple", meaning you get the title direct. When dealing with real estate, always cross-check everything to make sure the property and owners are legitimate, and there is clear title. Seeing a real estate agent, lawyer, escrow service, notary, bank officials, etc. are all part of the process. Do your research.

What is the drinking age in Mexico?

Eighteen (18) for all citizens and visitors to Mexico. You must have valid ID in the form of a passport or driver's license. Mexico has strict laws about drinking in public and public intoxication, so don't use the lower drinking age as an excuse to forget your common sense.

Do I need to pay for things with the Mexican peso?

Most stores and restaurants in Cancun will accept US dollars. In most instances you will save money by paying in Mexican pesos. Gas stations may require pesos. We recommend that you use the ATM machines in town to get some pesos...just makes life a little easier.

Which credit cards are widely accepted?

MasterCard and Visa are accepted at most of the larger stores in Cancun. Credit Card policy seems to change on a regular basis even at the larger stores. Sam's Club accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Costco accepts several types of credit cards (unlike in the US.) Walmart (Superama) accepts MasterCard and Visa. Some gas stations (Pemex) accept credit cards. Keep your credit card in your possession by swiping it thru the terminal yourself.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

No, you do not. While Spanish is the native language here, many of the locals speak English very well. You can usually get to where you want or buy what you want speaking English. If not, just ask for help, the people of the Yucatan are very friendly!

What time zone is Cancun on?

Cancun and all of the Riviera Maya are on the Eastern Time Zone. Daylight savings time is not observed. The same is true for the entire state of Quintana Roo.

What is the current exchange rate?

Click Here to see how many pesos your dollar will buy.

Do I need electrical adapters?

Electrical plugs here are 110 volt, just like the USA or Canada. Many electrical outlets have only 2 prongs with no ground, so it's wise to bring a 2 prong adapter if you need to plug in grounded plugs. Here is one on